All In Night


"Lynne has so superbly encapsulated 40 key topics that provide life-equipping conversations and life-changing lessons for our children. Lynne provides insightful and brilliant everyday practical ideas for intentional conversations that will absolutely equip our children for well-rounded and godly living. If u want to deposit seeds of wisdom, moral and spiritual consciousness, problem solving and leadership into your children, then this is a must read for you."

Suzie Botross - Author of ‘She Will Run’

"As the daughter in law of Lynne, I feel that I am qualified to give a behind the scenes comment on All-In Night and Lynne’s amazing parenting skills. I joined the Burgess family officially in 2006, but I knew all the Burgess kids prior to that- I was good friends with Daniel and I had Steph, Clare and Case at youth. One thing that always struck me about the Burgess family was that they were all amazing people in their own way, they all seemed to have a maturity and kindness that was well beyond their years, I now understand why this was- Lynne and Chris faithfully invested in their kids for years before I ever met them.

Josh and I will be doing All-In Night as soon as our kids are old enough to understand! We see the fruit of Lynne and Chris’ efforts and we want that for our kids. I believe there is nothing more important than investing time, prayer and effort into your kids to teach them Godly values and life skills, by doing so, you are equipping them to have an incredible and abundant life and who doesn’t want that for their kids?

Buy this book, read it and implement All-In Night in your family life, you will not be sorry you did."

Tree Burgess - Mother of two young girls

"Lynne and Chris Burgess have done two great things. They have raised a large family rather well, and they have found a simple family ritual which helps parents to proactively teach and learn with their children about the things that matter. In an age when most families let the consumer culture roll over them, Lynne and Chris took a stand and figured out how to give their kids confidence, dreams, and a place to be themselves."

Steve Biddulph - author of Raising Boys and Manhood

"All In Night is such a wonderful resource for parents! At a time when so many parents are busy and time poor, we cannot forget that one of our greatest privelleges is raising strong and happy children with a clear sense of purpose and social conscience. All In Night is a true example of how setting aside purposeful family time can create a bond and sense of unity within families. I loved reading this book. It is easy to follow and gives clear examples for any parent to follow. What a wonderful gift Lynne has provided for families!"

Sharon Witt - Author, Educator & Speaker
Director of Teen Talk International

Lynne Burgess came to our school to share her remarkable book that encourages us to invest and engage with our children in fun and innovative ways, that will build strong confidant and caring adults. What makes this author unique is her ability to connect with those she is talking to, by opening her heart and sharing some of her life story. Lynne is inspirational, full of energy, compassionate, and passionate about women’s needs and families. Her sincerity shines with each word spoken. Do not pass this opportunity to have Lynne come and share what will impact many families in your community.

Sonia Cann-Milland - Chaplain, Baxter Primary School

"I bought Lynne's book after hearing her speak about her All-In-Nights, and I just love the way, she and Chris have built a solid foundation for their kids, and that even as adults, they still keep coming home for All-In-Night. I really want that. I want that ongoing connection, and being a part of my kid's lives. I don't want my kids to leave home, and not keep in touch. Most of all, I have been inspired by Lynne and Chris, to teach my kids and give them a good grounding so they can deal with the challenges that life throws at them. Things like attitudes, honesty and having confidence in their own worth and abilities. Thank you Lynne for the great advice, encouragement and practical examples."

Kerry Dell - leader of young mums group

"This book is an inspiration demonstrating how important family life is. It is important to give your children roots and wings."

Dame Elisabeth Murdoch

All-In 2 Night All In Night cover

Lynne's NEW BOOK is for parents who want to take their children on a spiritual journey!

It has 40 new topics which are taken from Lynne's personal experiences.

Available at Koorong and Word Bookstores - April 2013.

All-In Night All In Night cover

Family life is important.
All-In Night
is a family routine. For one night of the week everyone stays home. By spending ten to twenty minutes together, you can learn and talk about things that matter.

The All-In Night book unpacks fun and simple family activities to provide an opportunity to grow values, goals, hopes, feelings
and the foundation for a well-lived life.

The book works with two kids or ten...
Let it become the heart of your family's life.

To purchase see RESOURCES tab.

Lynne Burgess

Lynne is an author and speaker whose heart for the family inspired her to write and publish All-In Night. Together with husband Chris, they have raised five children and enjoyed over 15 years of laughter, discussions and exploring of many and varied topics.

Lynne is available to share her journey and pearls of wisdom. Contact her to discuss your ideas and requirements.

Family Life Australia Radio

Listen to the radio interview with Lynne Burgess.


Wesley Impact!

As seen on Wesley Impact! on Ch9 & Australian Christian Channel).

Website and click on the TV link for more information.




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